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Creations’ has extended our business to provide our clients with all the beauty services they desire!

Bachelorette Party Beauty or Pre- Bachelorette Party Beauty:
On location hair and makeup for your bachelorette party. Creations hair and makeup would love to help get the party started. Allow us to come in and provide beauty services for you and your girls before you go out for your fun girls night! If your party is themed we will do your hair and makeup to fit the part and if not then we will make you look and feel like rock stars! This is a night of fun, laughter, memories, and celebration. Feeling beautiful is where the fun starts!

On location Spa Services:

All women especially Brides think about the importance of their skin and body. We have committed ourselves to being there for our girls not only for your wedding but for your everyday life.

*We are trained in Skin care to get your face and body looking flawless.

*We are trained in nutrition so you will learn, know and apply a healthy life style change to your diet/eating.

*We are personal trainer certified so we can help get your body wedding day or special occasion ready or just help you get back that body you once had before life took over.

Spa Services – let the pampering begin:

The removal of unwanted hair makes us feel more like a woman. We offer hair removal from any and all areas you desire.

Eye Threading:
The latest in hair removal is now being offered by Creations. Threading is less painful and doesn’t need chemicals! Also doesn’t cause the skin to droop over time like other ways of hair removal. How great is that!!

Spa Pedicures:
Did you know that if your feet are tried and sore then your whole body feels worn out! Feet are beautiful and a very important part of your body because they keep us going all day long. So tell your feet thank you by getting regular foot care. You and your man will love it and your body will thank you!

Also available car service:

Allow Creations to assure that you will get to the party and back safely. Our driver will pick you up when you are ready to go out, drive you to your desired location and then come back to get you when your night is over. Or stick around in case you and your girlfriends decide to move on to the next hot spot! This is a wonderful way to go out and have an unforgettable evening and make it home safely. This Service is available in the Charleston Area, Uptown Charlotte, or Myrtle Beach area’s only. Please inquire for rates.

Please contact me anytime to discuss your needs Phone 704.712.3429